Welcome to the web pages of Nowa Taxi - a new taxi service in Blansko with non-stop operation!

We drive in Blansko and its surroundings, and, of course, we will be pleased to drive you to any destination in the Czech Republic or abroad – of course at the best prices.
We also provide the service “drink & drive” - we will drive you and your car, and the courier services - express parcel transport across the the Czech Republic. For companies and regular customers we offer the invoice payments.
We will always try to meet your (= our customers´) requirements as best as possible, and believe that you will be satisfied with our service. Our resolution is most helpful approach, kind treatment, speed and quality.

Call us - day and night - and assure yourself!

Taxi 1-4 osoby

Taxi 1-4 osoby

Taxi 5-8 osob